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Women and Diamonds

WomenandDiamondsFor decades, women have enjoyed a love affair with diamonds that men couldn’t understand no matter how hard they tried. They couldn’t understand why women threw a fit if the diamond engagement ring they were presented with wasn’t what they wanted and they certainly couldn’t understand why they refused to settle for anything less.

Perhaps it’s because they’ve always been fascinated with the process these gems go through to go from commonplace to coveted. Natural diamonds take years to happen and under extremely high pressure and temperatures at that. They need to be created under the ideal environment to become the precious stones they are known to be. This process they go through is the reason why they are virtually indestructible.

This painstaking method is also something that women relate to their own relationships. If a man proposes with a diamond engagement ring, it somehow meant that he was willing to go through all the ups and downs, highs and lows of a relationship with her for a lifetime and more. This is perhaps also the reason why engagement rings are traditionally always diamond and never anything else.
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