How to Be Stylish With Creepers and Boat Shoes

This year you need to try a bolder statement. Get out of those mellow, dark clothes and perhaps find your alter ego. Go for a new wardrobe that’s filled with colours, new accessories and of course, with a new wardrobe, come new shoes. What’s been hitting the fashion trend these days in regards to shoes are your boat shoes and your Creepers. Here’s what you need to know when you consider buying either type of shoe.

How to Wear Creepers

Creeper Shoes are one of the most popular styles of shoes and lately they’ve become a fashion trend. But, how should one wear creeper shoes? Well, it is quite simple actually. Creepers are bulky shoes with thick soles, so the perfect way to wear them would be to dress in a delicate outfit, which would balance the entire look. You should add pretty accessories such as lace collars to enhance your look. However, try avoiding prints. Keeping it simple and sleek is the way to go. You should even avoid loose fitting and mannish tailoring pieces. So, you should consider purchasing a pair of creeper shoes, and glam yourself with a simple and delicate dress. Try experimenting with the creeper shoes, you won’t regret it.

How to Wear Boat Shoes

A perfect way to wear boat shoes is to go along with the maritime theme already established. Think about a yacht when you wear these shoes. Think simple, wear them with bare legs or blue coloured Breton stripe, and if you want to mix it up a little, consider wearing them with simple or patterned socks. And if you want to go with more style, you can even wear them with leggings or jeans paired with a delicate and simple top.
Now you know the secret about how to wear Creeper shoes and boat shoes, why not try them on?

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