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What Is It To Own A Designer Bag Today?

Designer bagsOnce upon a time, only the rich could own luxury bags. Then, the production of handbags became overstocked and the prices were dramatically reduced and nearly everyone could buy them. However, in the last decade, the supply has kept pace with the demand for designer handbags and the price of exquisite bags has risen each year.

Designer bags have become the most favored choice in women’s accessories. With luxury brands increasing in importance over the years, a designer bag is almost a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. With so many colors, styles and brands to choose from, one is bound to get confused. So what do you need to keep in mind while purchasing a designer bag?

1. Choose your designer wisely – From Louis Vuitton to Henri Bendel to Gucci to Prada to Hermes, the list of high quality handbags is endless. You have a vast list of handbags to choose from. You know that the evergreen list, mentioned above is timeless, so you can never really go wrong if you choose one of them. You do need to research and assess the newer brands in the market. They may be trendy at the moment, but if there isn’t quality or style in the designer or the collection, then it isn’t worth spending the money.
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Shopping For A Good Cause

In today’s economic state, there are always excuses to be made for wanting to go shopping. Though the people around us may have minor concerns about our spending habits, their judgment isn’t really what bothers us; it’s our own. We can all feel a bit embarrassed for spending money on things we don’t really need. Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid, or at the very least ease, the shame or guilty associated with frivolous spending. Consider investing your hard earned money into products that donate a portion of their sales to charitable causes. That way, a little splurging feels, not only harmless but also quite helpful.

MAC Cosmetics

The MAC AIDS Fund has been around since 1994, donating money to support services and programs that help to prevent HIV and AIDS. The VIVA GLAM campaign associated with the MAC AIDS Fund promotes a line of lip care products through the help of celebrities. Famous spokespeople endorsing the campaign have included Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Kim, Elton John and more recently, Ricky Martin and Nicky Minaj. MAC donates 100% of the money made from the VIVA GLAM lip line to assist in HIV and AIDS prevention.
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