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Free City Clothing And Inspiration

Online shopping for clothes gets more varied with every passing week, and it is easy to buy designer clothes over the internet as a result. Among the many designers with big price tags and an even bigger designer presence is Free City Clothing.

You may already know what they are about: freedom, peace, and love. Their logo is the dove of peace, usually white, but sometimes multi-colored as a statement of inclusiveness. Various items also feature the hand of friendship, hearts, stars, and numerous words or statements of encouragement. Your garment might combine several of these elements and the overall effect will be highly energetic. State your ‘basic goodness’ or tell the world that you are ‘sending light.’ If ‘neighborhood’ and community are important to you, wear it on your sleeve or pant leg. This clothing is all about embracing community and one another with a smile on your face. The designs are sure to make people happy as soon as they see you coming.

If you prefer stripes, you will find them here too. Also, while some women like a hoodie with kangaroo pockets so they can easily strip layers when they go for a walk or a run, other women want to snuggle up. These ladies like their sweatshirts with crew necks and no zippers because they have no intention of stripping down, only burrowing under more layers.

Another trademark of Free City ladies designer clothing is that, in contrast to so much of the high end fashion, this is comfortable ladies’ wear. Styles are loose, not tight; made for trim ladies, not stick-thin models. If you are an ordinary person with a regular body, these t-shirts, hoodies, and bottoms fit just right.

If you are undecided about which item you want to buy because they all look like so much fun, you could choose according to color. At Free City Clothing, black, brown, and blue are passé. Try something in ‘golden door’ yellow, ‘bluebird,’ ‘Charlie’s wine,’ or ‘heather.’ In place of neon comes a series of bright shades which ‘glo’ with their own tone: yellow, pink, and so on.

Top off the entire look with a toque this winter. Sherpa toques from Free City are also colorful, and are topped with big fluffy pom-poms. Try not to take yourself too seriously during the colder weather. Inject some color into your life and the lives of others with these vibrant, energetic articles for women, plus accessories such as a necklace or bracelet featuring the same inclusive imagery.